Thursday, August 4, 2011


NOT MY COMRADES by suzy_ex
NOT MY COMRADES, a photo by suzy_ex on Flickr.

A collage of despicable things said by radical men who are NOT my comrades.


Levi A said...

Thank you for this! I have been thinking about these kinds of things from a social psychological perspective lately, and this really got me thinking!

Queer Fish said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I love it!
Love from India,


darren redstar said...

In the uk right now the left are lining up to excuse the alleged rapes of wiki leaks owner Julian Assange, who is hidin( out in the Ecuadorean embassy rather than answer Swedish prosecutors questions. From the communist party to George Galloway, we are told that 'even if the allegations are true, they are not rape but poor sexual etiquette, and that Assange must be defended because anti imperialism is more important . Your picture sums these'comrades' perfectly.

Candi_UFF said...

Can we have permission to print this in our newsletter?
Candi Churchill
National Women's Liberation

jakester said...
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Nigel Singh said...

Hiya Suzy
Can you contact me !
Julie S imms Oxford SWP has complained to UNITE about reply to her SUTR post: I put STAND UP TO RAPE APOLOGIST with your cartoon !
They are claiming/implying it has homophobic undertones !

Unknown said...

This is awesome thank you so much!

seneca7c said...

Glad to see someone speaking out against misogyny that unfortunately still exists in leftist circles (which is literally contradictory to our leftist philosophy). Solidarity from Asia!