Saturday, June 18, 2011

The yente

Having a facebook is seriously the most annoying thing ever. Everyone in my family has one, they’ve found me, and they’ve pressured me to add relatives I don’t even like. Recently, my Nana’s Jewish best friend/casino buddy in Miami— aka the “yente” who sends me chain letters with sparkly kitten gifs— found me on facebook and got upset that I didn’t add her.

Why don't I just get rid of my internet presence and just keep my cartoon alias quietly on Blogger and Tumblr? Yeah, that's it. I'll do just that.


Levi A said...

I try to let it "all hang out" on facebook, personally. Obviously, some parts will stay hidden,but those are parts that I hide from most of my reationships except those for whom it is personally pertinent.

I have family members and friends whom I have openly refused to become facebook friends with, because to do so would confuse my wordls and stifle me. It is hard to refuse people, but at the end of the day the most important person is you, and the people who aren't willing to understand or respect your decisions and preferences in one dimension will also be unwilling with the next dimension that emerges.

To quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucious: "Great person is not one who is loved by all in their city. Nor is Great Person one who is hated by all in their city. Rather, Great Person is one who is loved by the good people and hated by the bad."

Someone will always be unhappy with some things you do, and often is just a relfection of a fault or difference in them, and not in you.

P.S.- I am relatively easily shut up on command.

blaze said...

I deleted all my relatives/classmates I don't know on facebook and then tweaked the spelling of my last name so slightly. I'm not entirely unfindable, but my privacy settings are also pretty strict. I openly give out my url to people I know and like, but whenever my family asks why we aren't friends I lie and tell them I got rid of my account.

LiLi said...

That's what I did recently! Highly recommend.

Really love your drawing, sharing "not my comrades" with a friend now.