Wednesday, June 29, 2011



"Blood One (Katie's First Period)"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The yente

Having a facebook is seriously the most annoying thing ever. Everyone in my family has one, they’ve found me, and they’ve pressured me to add relatives I don’t even like. Recently, my Nana’s Jewish best friend/casino buddy in Miami— aka the “yente” who sends me chain letters with sparkly kitten gifs— found me on facebook and got upset that I didn’t add her.

Why don't I just get rid of my internet presence and just keep my cartoon alias quietly on Blogger and Tumblr? Yeah, that's it. I'll do just that.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I love really posi fan mail from really posi folks.

A wonderful person sent me this email today about my wonky paypal button, but really made me feel incredibly giddy:

paypal link on your blog not working?

it may just be my poor excuse for a laptop playing up but i am unable to click through to your paypal account via the link on your blogspot. what's the e-mail address it's linked to? i cannot pledge much but wanted to send what little i have (which will otherwise be squandered on a badly recorded hardcore band's tape or keychain depending on where the internet takes me next).

i hang out with my best friend's 12 year old sister regularly and, at her request, have slowly been exposing her to bands that have helped shape my character and explaining the reasons why.

i find, when talking about riot grrrl bands especially, your comics are a great tool to go alongside with this without confusing her with theory and big words, leaving room for her to draw her own conclusions and have fun while doing so (comics are cool!). so thank you for that. i'm bring her along to her first march tomorrow (slutwalk) and she has printed out your victim blaming comic and stuck it onto her banner :)

My response:

Hi ___!

Your message actually had me tear up a bit. I'm really, really happy that you think my work has made a difference. I am a big fan of making feminism more accessible, especially to young folks. I hope that both of you have a fuckin' rad time at Slutwalk, and I totally appreciate any kind of help you can offer! I realize the donate button on my site was actually locked, but I unlocked it and tested it so it should work now.

Thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. <3

In solidarity,
Suzy X