Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Riot Grrrl Problems

The Lavendar Menace: An Evolution

(Part of The League series)

The League of Extraordinary Feminists

Is a project I'm starting with my partner (in crime) Kim-- you can see her comics here

Anyway, it's a series we have going about several different feminist characters that illustrate stereotypes within feminist culture. For example: the Riot Grrrl, the liberal feminist Mega Mom, the college professor known as Wonder Womanist, the radical lesbian Lavender Menace, the Radical Cheerleader, and even the postmodern androgynous person known as Po-Mo. They're even better illustrated.

So in the meantime, look out for some of these. As if I'm not already superbusy with my senior thesis, I can't help but try and turn feminist theory into comedy whenever I have time to spare.


Victim Blaming cartoon for SAFER

Blaming a victim of rape is somewhat like blaming the victim of any other violent crime. This is not to trivialize it, or to even make the parallel of women’s bodies=property. But think about how absurd it would be to so many people if we started holding property owners accountable for property theft. Property is serious to so many people. They would be up in arms about it, right? Well, we should be up in arms about victim blaming too. Our bodies should be taken seriously, in fact more serious than any material object. Survivors deserve much better than this.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Interning at SAFER (Students Active For Ending Rape)

I spent the last 6 months interning for an anti-rape organization called SAFER, based in NYC. They work closely with student groups to help further the cause of better policies and educational programs regarding sexual assault. Seeing as sexual assault is much more likely to occur in college campuses, the people at SAFER make it a point to target such a demographic and work as allies with students who oppose sexual assault. I've created two animated videos for them regarding activist etiquette and policy reform, which you can find below:

RECRUITMENT & RETENTION: The SAFER Way to Building A Movement


I'm so incredibly grateful to have worked with such a positive organization. They have not only given me an outlet for my political and artistic expression, but they have helped me and other organizers at my school tackle institutional problems with confidence. Thank you, SAFER!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Break 2011: California

I went to Big Sur with my BFFLz for a couple of days.
I had a great time.

...Too much of a great time.