Monday, February 15, 2010

PC vs. MAC

media: Microsoft Paint

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New School: a festival of self-deprecation

In front of my dorm today during the SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010:

I seem to make fun of my school a lot. I'm quite resigned to the fact that any person under the age of 30, who lives in New York City, and is somewhat attractive by unusual standards, is liable to be labeled a hipster. Following my resignation was a long trail of self-deprecation. My recent editorial cartoon in the New School Free Press:

The best part is how much the New School tries to fight the blasé attitude of most of its students. When sent a mass email asking the student body to brainstorm a mascot for the New School, our responses varied from apathetic to satirical. It's too bad that what I thought would have been an ideal mascot was not taken into consideration:

I remain resigned, and even amused to be among the ranks of such a fashionable echelon. Everyone else at New School hides behind their oversize frames and nonchalant pouts, hoping their cool exterior doesn't surrender the uncertainty they carry in their hearts.


...Hartwick Hanson is
I'm going to make a series of portraits of my friends as their alter egos. Hartwick is a master printmaker and guitar virtuoso. He and I are starting a psychobilly-garage band (FOR REAL). We're still in the songwriting phase. But I'll keep everyone posted for our first performance.