Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Master] Debaters

Don't even get me started.

*To the boys of the New School-Columbia Debate Team: you all are totally not talking sausages.
At least not to me. <3

By the way-- if you have a little bit of extra change in your PayPal account, I would love you forever if you could help us get to CEDA Nationals-- believe me, our team is bad-ass and deserves to be there. We just need some fundage. http://nycpolicydebate.chipin.com

Thanks, y'all.


Jim said...

I think we should put a moratorium on dating people on other debate teams. because then you trade evidence and then they know your evidence like the back of their. then they judge your round and drop you BECAUSE they are so familiar with your evidence. oh no, I'm not referencing something that happened to me at a tournament or anything...

Suzy X. said...

Haha, you're so bad.

But really, Jim. It can't be any worse than losing a to a guy with a lame bioregionalism K that you broke up with right before the round. Ugh ugh ugh.

The Baruch tournament will have to be so much better!

Pari said...

This is brilliiant suzy! haha1

Anonymous said...

oh man, comics that make fun of debaters and name drop postmodernists.

i'll subscribe to this.

-bill from last night (wearing a shirt that said THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN)