Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Master] Debaters

Don't even get me started.

*To the boys of the New School-Columbia Debate Team: you all are totally not talking sausages.
At least not to me. <3

By the way-- if you have a little bit of extra change in your PayPal account, I would love you forever if you could help us get to CEDA Nationals-- believe me, our team is bad-ass and deserves to be there. We just need some fundage.

Thanks, y'all.

Flow chart

In debate, we do what they call a "flow chart."
You basically have to outline key arguments throughout the entire round.
A=the Affirmative side, n=Negative side.
In class: affirmative supports the removal of US cotton subsidies. And the negative... does not.

It started getting to the point where I've heard the argument so many times this season, caricatures were absolutely necessary. I should do every flow chart like this:


During winter break, I spent a night in Tallahassee (aka Seminole Country).
I feel so much closer to everyone as result.