Monday, November 2, 2009


Good morning! Gee, I'm always late for everything. Including posts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bonjour, my friends!

Umm so how about that financial crisis?

In honor of a year since my memorable excursion to Paris, I wrote a graphic novella about it-- yeahhh, it was definitely a final for a class. And yeahhh, I scored an A on it. You can download it here, on scribd.

PS: personal thanks to Ben Katchor, my superwickedawesome professor, and Kim Deitch, special guest professor with nothing but the most brutal honesty and pure genius.

PSS: But more importantly, thanks to everyone who made the trip THAT much more special... Elena, Nicole, Suzy K., Mike, and hell, even Antonio. Paris will never be the same without you. And nor will that girl without her scooter. <3

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A family portrait

The New School Debate Team: (clockwise, from left) Skanda, Nick, Jim, Tamar, Hong-Mei, Josh, Myself, and Rhiannon.

My darling debaters. One of the myriad reasons I haven't posted anything in months. (That and the recession/more work hours-- AHHHH!)

I can't wait to scan in all these backdated posts. Be on the lookout this week, kids.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Master] Debaters

Don't even get me started.

*To the boys of the New School-Columbia Debate Team: you all are totally not talking sausages.
At least not to me. <3

By the way-- if you have a little bit of extra change in your PayPal account, I would love you forever if you could help us get to CEDA Nationals-- believe me, our team is bad-ass and deserves to be there. We just need some fundage.

Thanks, y'all.

Flow chart

In debate, we do what they call a "flow chart."
You basically have to outline key arguments throughout the entire round.
A=the Affirmative side, n=Negative side.
In class: affirmative supports the removal of US cotton subsidies. And the negative... does not.

It started getting to the point where I've heard the argument so many times this season, caricatures were absolutely necessary. I should do every flow chart like this:


During winter break, I spent a night in Tallahassee (aka Seminole Country).
I feel so much closer to everyone as result.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Drawing in the Dark #1

I want to start doodling in the dark/dimly lit spaces
and post my results.

After like, a zillion+ hours spent doing blind contour in art school, you think I would have had enough.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Was welcomed with quite a bang. As well as a drunken redneck in David's backyard on New Year's Eve.

A brief first draft of the account, via my travel-sized moleskine:

Jason Hott: born 1979 in Pennsylvania. Lives in the boonies of J-Ville. His last name is actually spelled "Hott;" it said so on the birth certificate he happened to have handy in his back pocket.

I have to draw more about Jacksonville. It was quite a priceless visit.

Friday, January 2, 2009

seesuzysketch: a year later

Epic fail, right?

WRONG. It may seem like I've either 
a) fallen off the face of the earth,
b) decided to check into a mental institution due to school-related stress (this is highly plausible)
or c) have gone through three cheap scanners and a laptop in a year, had my sketchbook locked in a display case at Parsons, and have been really insanely busy and am now sitting in my bedroom in Jacksonville without the technology to post my drawings. (Therefore I resorted to MS Paint.)

WHEW! Well you guess which one. Anyway,
Believe me, a lot has happened these past few months. I've decided to leave Parsons next semester (due to the fact that they were always after my money-- and soul), and continue to work on my literary skills at Eugene Lang College (the New School's hippie stepchild). I decided I'll keep debating. I also decided to start doing more activist work, within my school and especially within V-Day festivities. I've been drawing some, but really it's a matter of deciding how to divide what little free time I've had; and it often comes out favoring sleep over anything productive.

SO. Believe me, it hasn't been an easy year. Fun, but totally not easy. I'll try and make some kind of glorious, backdated barrage of entries describing it. At least, once my friends at home go back to school and get too busy to hang out with me on my precious vacation time :)

I STILL LOVE YOU, FANS (aka my jaded facebook friends)
Thanks for keeping up with my ups, downs, and continuous lines. 
Best wishes in 2009!

Suzy X