Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paris, in real time.

A postcard to my dearest Paul Wall, people's champ (see January entries)

I really regret not bringing my scanner overseas. I certainly have been drawing, but with demands at my job lately I don't even know when I'll get a chance to really sit down and put the comics up... Nevertheless, here's a video I took in the Metro, on the way to Parsons Paris this morning.

There was definitely a man behind me playing accordion, but had I taken a good shot of him he might have charged me some Euros. Gooooorrrr-ges, right?


A shoutout to my girl Elena, who's giving a daily account of our travels in Paris on her blogspot-- Footage of us RAs at work, and more footage of the beautiful scenery that is the Ile-de-France. Czech it ouuuuut!

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