Friday, March 14, 2008

Peace out girl scouts

Maybe not in costume. But--
Rare footage of "Cookie Sale Girl" "Pimp My Vest" = my first claim to fame.
We were so straight-up gangsta' we pumped a total of $2000 out of the suburbs selling cookies. Can you say bling-bling?
So. this one goes out to my ladies slaving over Samoa sales-- it's a good way to learn your capitalism. Even if it means you have to make a fool of yourself in tin foil grills and bandanas.


nan w said...

Hey Suzy X - a google search landed me here (cookie sale girls ALWAYS makes me laugh)LOVE the poster comparison w NYC cookie sale! - you should seriously start pitching to do a comic strip - you are awesome as always - stop in and say hi when you are back in Jax - Nancy W @ GSGC Communications Dept.

twitter @nancy_white

Suzy X. said...

Awww, hey Nancy! So glad that thing is still getting googled :) Hahaha. Actually, one of my goals is to write a graphic novel about Camp Kateri. soooo much good material, you know?

I'd love to stop by the council office some time this summer. Good hearing from you again!