Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some old ones

I guess to keep me on track with this whole blog thing.
Y'know, also to keep you in tune with some things you might've missed.
[Also, take notice of the chronological order I am making of this;

as you descend on this page, you are descending back in time.]

Oh, the drama I sometimes create for myself.

(Lyrics compliments of The Smiths)

(Lyrics in fuzzy music cloud, compliments of Skeeter Davis' "End of the World")
(Beneath the drawing: "I don't have the heart to even reproduce the moments preceding this

Who am I to cry? I've probably hurt you more than you will let on.")

("Prediction: We'll come back for Indian Summer/and go our separate ways")

(Lyrics compliments of Beat Happening, "Indian Summer")

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey! thats a marc by marc jacobs mirror we bought at that crappy overprice, incredibly small store!

I loove reading your comics/illustrations

Youre so good!